Electric Vehicle (EV) adoption is increasingly becoming a global trend. Yet, it’s plagued by a significant issue that tends to hold back potential adopters—’range anxiety.’ This fear of running out of charge before reaching a charging station is a real concern for many EV users. However, an innovative solution has emerged in the form of mobile EV charging services, offering a new level of convenience and reliability. This article will delve into the details of these services, exploring case studies from companies like Blink and SparkCharge. By doing so, we will assess their impact on range anxiety, EV adoption, and the EV infrastructure.

The Concept of a Mobile EV Charging Service

Mobile EV charging services offer on-the-go charging solutions for EVs, allowing drivers to charge their vehicles wherever they are. Companies such as Blink and SparkCharge are pioneering this new sector, presenting a significant shift from the traditional charging infrastructure. Despite the growing availability of fixed EV charging stations, they often come with limitations such as high installation costs and significant wait times for permits and inspections1.

Case Study: Blink

Blink, the EV charger company, has introduced a portable unit that allows EV drivers to charge up anywhere. The mobile charger is highly portable, compatible with all vehicles, including Teslas, and offers up to one mile of range per minute of charging. The charger can be networked for Blink subscribers, or standalone for roadside-assistance companies, adding a new layer of convenience and versatility2. By addressing the immediate charging needs of stranded EV drivers, Blink’s mobile charger helps mitigate range anxiety and bolsters the perception of EVs as reliable vehicles.

Case Study: SparkCharge

Another innovator in the EV space is SparkCharge. Their primary product, the Roadie, is a portable DC fast charger for on-demand EV charging, compatible with most EV makers. SparkCharge also offers a charging delivery service through its Currently app, which allows subscribers to have their EV charged wherever and whenever they want, be it at the office, home, or out on the road3. Primarily provided for businesses, like roadside assistance companies, this service is contributing significantly towards normalizing the idea of charging ‘anywhere’ and promoting the ease of owning an EV.

Future Implications and Opportunities

The rise of mobile EV charging services presents a potential paradigm shift in EV infrastructure. By providing on-demand charging, these services can significantly mitigate the fear of range anxiety and enhance the appeal of EVs. However, this innovation also poses questions: can these services be extended directly to consumers? And if so, how might that affect the dynamics of EV use? Mobile EV charging services, by their very nature, offer an intriguing prospect of reshaping EV usage patterns and potentially facilitating a broader shift towards electric vehicles.

In conclusion, mobile EV charging services, as embodied by companies like Blink and SparkCharge, are offering innovative solutions to the issue of range anxiety in EV usage. By enabling on-demand, convenient charging, these services are contributing to the wider acceptance and adoption of EVs. As we continue to witness advancements in this domain, it’s clear that these innovations hold significant potential in shaping the future of EV adoption and infrastructure.


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