Hello, eco-tech enthusiasts! Isn’t it amazing to think about how far we’ve come in the world of electric vehicles (EVs)? From the simple concept of an electric motor, we’ve journeyed to the doorstep of autonomous, inductive, and wireless charging!

In the same way we were blown away by the convenience of wireless charging for our phones, prepare to be dazzled by the future of wireless EV charging!

Making Plugs a Thing of the Past

Wireless EV charging is no longer the stuff of dreams. It’s a reality in parts of Europe and Asia, with North America expected to join the party soon. Even more exciting is the prediction that the global wireless EV charging systems market will exceed a whopping $825 million by 20271.

That’s some serious growth!

So, what makes this tech tick? Well, like your phone, wireless EV charging uses resonant electromagnetic induction to transmit electrical current, a process that is also known as inductive charging.

Your EV has a magnetic coil underneath that receives electricity from the coil inside the charging pad.

Align the two pads, and voila, charging begins!

Hold your horses, though!

Does this mean it’s slower than plugging in? Thankfully, the answer is a resounding “No!” Companies such as WiTricity, a leading provider, have confirmed that wireless EV chargers achieve 90-93% efficiency, delivering up to 20kW of charging power. It’s just as efficient and fast as charging with a plug1.

Untangling the Cord – No Easy Feat!

The ability to park and charge without a cable is tantalizing, isn’t it? However, making this dream a reality is a complex task. Thanks to the brilliant minds and relentless hard work of researchers and developers, this technological wonder is becoming widely available2.

The science is grounded in electromagnet induction. Essentially, a current passing through a coil creates a magnetic field. Introduce a second coil to this field, and the latter coil receives an induced current that charges the battery. Simple, yet incredibly fascinating!

Now, don’t think this breakthrough came easily.

The challenge lies in the “inverse square law” – the magnetic field dissipates quickly over distance, requiring the primary and secondary coils to be in very close proximity.

Not just that, the alignment and cross-sectional area of the two coils also matter a great deal. Improving this so-called “coupling factor” has been one of the major hurdles in making this technology feasible for EVs2.

Embracing the Future, One Charge at a Time

No need to pinch yourselves, folks, this is really happening! Nearly every electric car maker has plans for hands-free EV charging, from electrified ultrasedans from Mercedes to the Nissan LEAF.

Luxury EV makers are at the forefront of this transition, with wireless charging being heralded as the epitome of convenient, futuristic, and awesome tech3.

Talk about living in the future! With brands such as VW and Mercedes-Benz featuring inductive charging in their announcements, and BMW having previously demonstrated wireless charging with the i8, it’s clear the industry is all in for this game-changing tech3.

As we close this journey into the world of wireless EV charging, let’s remember that technology is ever-evolving, and so is our relationship with it.

This evolution towards cord-free EV charging will undoubtedly reshape how we view and interact with our vehicles. So, let’s keep our minds open and embrace the future – one wireless charge at a time!

The future, folks, is looking greener and more convenient by the minute! Hang tight, and get ready for a wild, wire-free ride!


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